Unofficial GM Volt "Handraiser" Waiting List Tops 33,000, Potentially $200+ Million

GM Chevy Volt car side view photo

Showing GM There's Demand for the Volt, an advocacy/enthusiast Chevy Volt website has created an unofficial waiting list to show GM that there is high demand for the upcoming plug-in series hybrid.

The latest news is that the list has now passed 33,000 "handraisers", people who have shown various levels of interest in the Volt. According to Lyle of GM-Volt, they have enough people on the list to generate about $200 million in sales for GM (though it's always hard to know if people who said they would buy will actually do it when the car comes out). "Top level GM officials are aware of this list and have mentioned the possibility of working with it."

GM Chevy Volt Plug-in car photo

Unofficial Volt Waiting List Version 2.0
To make the list even more useful, it has been updated with a new interface and database (thanks to help from Karl Cox). If you want to sign up, you need to go to this link: Volt Waiting List. Once there, you simply give them your email address and then follow the instructions.

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