UK Government Backs Electric Cars and Plug-In Hybrids

Official Government Backing for Electric Vehicles
Japan is not the only country where electric cars are going mainstream. We’ve already seen the virus-like spread of electric vehicle charging points across London, but now we hear from The Guardian that the British government is officially putting its weight behind electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids as part of its long-awaited, ambitious renewable energy strategy:

"Fossil fuels are going to run out; we're going to have to be driving electric vehicles,' said Robert Evans, chief executive of Cenex, a government-backed organisation that aims to introduce low-carbon vehicle technology. 'This is such an innovative idea it has caught a high level of imagination across the sector. If the motor industry invests in it, it has a real potential to move quicker than market forces might otherwise dictate."
With Israel also looking to an electrified transport future, and electric car sharing making its way to Paris, the new wave of electric cars may be harder to kill off than their predecessors.

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