UK Finally Getting Train Network Fixed?


Trains are preferable to planes in my opinion; they're greener, stations are in the centre of cities, unlike airports, and they're often more comfortable. However, in the UK they're also considerably slower, more expensive and less reliable. The rail network was once owned by the Government, but has since been privatised and split into countless smaller companies, all of whom seem to be competing in an incompetence competition.

That's why it's fantastic news that the Government are to unveil a multi-billion pound rebuilding programme this summer. The good news is that 1,000 extra rail carriages have been ordered, and a £500m reconstruction of Birmingham's New Street station will be approved, along with a £3.5bn overhaul of the Thameslink route through London.The bad news is that this will take a very long time, and while it's happening fares will continue to shoot up much faster than inflation. It seems that my children, or their children may have a decent rail network, but that there's not much chance of me getting to work on time regularly. :: The Guardian

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