UK Extends Tax Credit for Electric Vehicle to 2015

Expanded Electric Car Incentives in the UK

Good news for volt-heads living in the UK, the government there has decided to extend a tax credit that applies to electric vehicles (EV), and to expand its scope to also apply it to commercial EVs. The end of the line (unless it is pushed back again) is now 2015, and the credit now covers electric passenger vehicles for 25% of their value up to a maximum of £5,000.

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For commercial vehicles - mostly delivery vans so far - the tax credit is of 20% of the value of the electric vehicle up, to £8,000. This should be especially good for fleet operators who have vans that do lots of short-range, urban deliveries. This is where electric vehicles are at their best (at least until battery technology improves enough that long-range driving is more of an option).

A Justified Incentive

This tax credit, combined with the fact that electricity is a lot cheaper than gasoline or diesel (especially in Europe), should provide a good incentive for EV adoption. It's also the least we can do considering just how many direct and indirect subsidies fossil fuels got over the past decades, and all of their social and environmental costs that are being externalized unto society and ecosystems.

Via Autoblog UK

UK Extends Tax Credit for Electric Vehicle to 2015
This will help private citizens and commercial fleet operators make the transition to cleaner electric vehicles.

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