Two Aptera Electric Vehicles Spied at TED Conference

Josh from the Aptera forums was hanging around the TED conference (if you don't know about TED, you have to check out the videos on their site -- just make sure you have lots of free time before starting) where the Aptera will make its public debut tomorrow when he found two Aptera electric cars (the production 2e and the Typ-1 prototype) in a public parking garage. He actually measure the cars and posted his impressions. Read on for more details.
Production model on the right, with the rearview mirrors.
Josh on Aptera Forums:

I'm guessing since this garage was open to the public and the cars weren't covered or anything, that Aptera isn't concerned about pictures or info getting out. There was a very friendly guard and I did ask him if I was allowed to take pictures and he said to go ahead, that his instructions were to make sure no one touched the cars, but he had no instructions about pictures or measurements, so long as I could do it without touching.

The two cars were very clearly the same 2e that Apt2123h saw, and an older prototype vehicle, the one without the rear 3/4 windows and with the cameras all around and the green seats. There's a VERY noticeable height difference, which you'll see from the photos of the two cars lined up next to each other.

On this one you can see the new mirrors even better.

For his measurements, you'll have to check the Aptera Forums thread (and don't be shy, say hello!).

Photos: Josh, Aptera Forums
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