TTXGP: The Most Prestigious Zero-Emission Motorcycle Race in the World!

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Photo: Brammo
Finally a Motorcycle Race Without the Fumes
The very first Isle of Man TT motorcycle race took place in 1907. This year, on June 12th, the TTXGP will show us just how much things have changed since then; all kinds of ZEV motorcycles will compete, and that's the whole point. Maybe the best technology win! "TTXGP allows different technologies, systems and methods battle for supremacy on some of the most glorious motorsport venues in the world. In a market place of free ideas, TTXGP is where you get your vision of the future valued."
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Photo: Mission Motors
What Team Will Compete?
We're happy to learn that, among others, Mission Motors will be on the track. We're really curious to know how well the Mission One electric motorcycle will perform (and we know you're curious too, because this post got a lot of traffic...).

motorczysz electric motorcycle photo

Photo: Motoczysz

Other participants we'll keep an eye on: Brammo (we wrote about its Enertia electric bike here, and you can see it on the first pic on top of this post), Barefoot Motors, KillaCycle team (we wrote about the KillaCycle here), Motoczysz (new electric motorcycle!), and more.

And it's not just the motorcycles that have good pedigrees:

The list of riders taking part in the TTXGP includes seven-times winner of the Isle of Man TT, Mick Grant; Olie Linsdell, winner of the 2007 Northwest 200 400cc race, beating John McGuiness's lap record in the process; Tom Montano, who has previously raced the fastest MV Agusta in the history of the Isle of Man TT races; Dan Kneen, who made history in the 2008 Manx Grand Prix by being the first person ever to win three races in a week; Paul Owen, one of the stars of the PlayStation2 game 'TT Superbikes Real Road Racing Championship'; and Maria Costello, Guinness World Record holder for fastest female lap of the TT circuit.

Other riders of note include Thomas Schoenfelder, Roy Richardson, Rob Barber, Chris Petty, David Madsen-Mygdal, Martin Loicht, Antonio Maeso, Garth Woods, Chris Heath, Marie Hodgson, Steve Harper, Alessio Corradi, Steve Macdonald, Mark Miller, Alan Connor, and Chris Palmer.

More details on the official TTXGP website.

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