Tripendo Cornering Trike

What's wrong with this picture? Nothing. Do not adjust your screen. It's a Tripendo going into a bend. Unlike 2 wheel bicycles, most 3 wheelers, although stable on the flat, just can't get up a good lean as they hurtle around a corner. That outside wheel feels like it wants to rise up, like the hull of a catamaran on an exciting tack. Tripendo, however solves this dilemma, by using a... ...double wishbone axle, to keep both front wheels firmly on the ground when cornering. Not only does it look cool, it can even be had with an optional electric drive, a transparent polycarbonate fairing and even dynamo powered lights. And for those with a friendly bank manager you can add the magical, never-say-die, virtually maintenance-free Rohloff Hub, which also allows you to change gear when stopped. But why would you want to be still in a machine as classy as this? ::Tripendo [by WM]

trike.jpg's a little nerdy.


The infamous double wishbone axle.