TrioBike : Good Things Come in Threes


The trioBike is one very cool and exciting design. And on so many levels. Where to start? Well, it’s a normal bicycle that can convert into a pedal-powered cargo hauler, which could also safely transport 2 children, to a maximum weight of 80 kg (176 lbs). But separate the two and you still have a perfectly functional bike, and a classy push carrier. All these transitions can be accomplished without specialised tools. Imagine the possibilities: load two kids in the front carrier and ride them to school or day-care. Detach the carrier and leave it at the school. Retrieve the bikes front wheel, cleverly located under the base of the carrier and continue on riding to work. Reverse the process in the afternoon. Alternatively the other parent collects the kids on the way home (2 bikes+1 carrier) Or pedal down to your local farmers market, or organic food co-op, on Saturday to fill up the front with local groceries, then go riding in the country with friends on Sunday on the detached aluminium bike, using its Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub. The trioBike is such an elegantly realised design ...... because not only does it provide the option (like a bike trailer) to easily lug heavy stuff around town, it also retains all the environmental benefits of bicycles. And it keeps families together, looks sharp and snappy, has a definite ‘wow’ factor and will make people rethink their eco-travel options for urban living. And at DKK 14,000 (or $2,450 USD) for bike and carrier combined, it is also remarkably affordable for all its clever design and detailing. Their website is equally well constructed, displaying all the colour/price permutations in a nimble presentation that would assist purchasers in making a decision to go down this fossil-fuel-free route. Many All-In-One products end up compromising some essential features, but on face value the trioBike seems to have solve that dilemma. There have been other attempts at this whole concept, but from what I can see the trioBike has pulled it off with great verve. Oh, for the day when all design gets to be this thoughtful. Then that 'green future' would arrive much sooner. Via Index 2005 or test your Danish by going directly to ::trioBike


Note the bikes front wheel unobtrusively stowed under the push carrier.


With optional weather cover on the front carrier