TreeHugger TV - Hybrid Cars


Ooooh Hybrids Hybrids Hybrids, we know how much you love us talking about Hybrids. Plus we just love to indulge our TreeHugger audience. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are more Hybrids than you can shake a petrol pump at! In this week's THTV episode Bradley Berman Editor of met up with m ss ng p eces at the New York International Auto Show. Brad takes us on an informed and candid tour through the modern green efforts that major car companies are beginning to explore. He tells us, "Three years ago you had to ask someone "Where are the Hybrids? Oh they're over there." Last year [you had to ask] a little bit less and this year they're front and centre! Post Katrina people are kicking into gear You should think about what you are buying. The thought about what kind of fuel economy your car gives and how clean it runs, you should consider that."

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