TreeHugger to Test Bamboo Bike During Climate Awareness Trip Climate Ride

bamboo bike brita climate ride photo

The Dylan Bike. Photo via Organic Bikes

Trial by fire is always the best way to go, right? Well...anyway. From September 20-25, I'll be putting one of the most interesting bamboo bikes on the market (as well as my body) to the test as one of 150 participating in climate awareness bike trip Brita Climate Ride. Over four days, I'll be pedaling a total of 320 miles across California with the likes of Chris Jordan -- the activist and photographer behind An Ocean of Plastic...In Birds' Guts.

Organic Bikes has generously donated my slick green bamboo wheels -- and this bike is so exciting I'm not even thinking about my serious lack of training.

chris jordon plastic photo

One of Chris Jordan's photos. Credit: Chris Jordan

Called the Caleb, the bike is hand-crafted in Vietnam with natural "Iron" bamboo stalks -- the strongest in the world, according to James Beck, product manager at Organic Bikes -- in place of most of the alloy tubing. The remaining alloy tubing is recyclable.

The bamboo, Beck says, actually makes the bike more comfortable.

organic bikes bamboo brita climate ride photo

Photo via Organic Bikes

The bike is so new the company doesn't have photos of it assembled yet -- but since it is a road bike, it doesn't have the bamboo fenders and handlebars of the company's Dylan bike, shown here.

From The Organic Bikes Web site:

Organic Bikes is owned and operated by Wheel and Sprocket- a family owned bicycle shop since 1973. We began to re-think the way that bicycles and cycling products are manufactured, used, and recycled. While we do not claim to be fully "green", or sustainable across the board- we think we have some great ideas and we are very excited to present them here!

The company also has a slick lineup of accessories -- 100 percent biodegradable water bottle? So cool.

For More on Organic Bikes, Check out Warren's article:

Organic Bikes Say, Re-Think Your Ride, Consider a Bamboo Bicycle

The ride, which starts in Eureka, California, and concludes at a bike and beer festival (I think I will need a cold one by then) in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, has attracted a lot of environmentalists, most already seen on the pages of TreeHugger.

Each night a speaker addresses environmental topics -- a format that seems handy to those who'd rather concentrate on sore muscles than talk -- and the rides themselves are sustainably themed, from a backdrop of Redwood trees to stops including a solar-powered winery.

Want to join?
There's still time to sign up.

roz savage rowing photo

Roz Savage rowing. Photo via Flickr/Roz Savage

In addition to Jordan, the speaker lineup includes epic ocean rower Roz Savage; president and founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions Hunter Lovins (who we interviewed back in 2006); and University of Pennsylvania's first environmental sustainability coordinator and senior facilities planner Daniel Garofalo, a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council, among others.

Stay tuned for photos, exclusive interviews, and news from the ride.

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