TreeHugger Takes the MINI E Out For a Quick Test Drive (Video Clip)

A couple of weeks ago we announced that applications were open for the MINI E field trial —by the way, the deadline for which has been extended to December 24th—and I for one was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t participate as I have no garage to install the car charging system. Now that I’ve had a chance to drive one, very briefly and in Manhattan traffic and rain, I’m even more disappointed that I can't participate.

Check out this short video clip in which Uli Ploeckl shows myself and Graham Hill (that disembodied voice behind the camera for most of the clip) some of the features of the car, and my perhaps enthusiastic reactions as we rush up the Henry Hudson parkway. Obviously not a thorough test, but it was really fun. MINI E is a True Cooper
The in a nutshell conclusion: The MINI E feels just like a gasoline powered MINI in terms of fit and finish; acceleration feels very impressive (a result of the electric engine delivery full torque essentially immediately) and is certainly more than adequate for normal driving; handling was very much in line with previous Coopers; the one slightly strange thing to get use to is that when you take your foot off the accelerator the car immediately starts slowing down, there’s no feeling of coasting.

In such a short time we didn’t get a chance to test the charge time or battery drain, so I can't comment on that crucial aspect of the car. Can’t wait until the tech gets worked out so that there’s proper storage in the car (such as a regular MINI has anyway...).

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