TreeHugger Goes to Copenhagen (At Least on Paper)

copenhagen best of green photo

Mayor Bondam of Copenhagen Puts Best of Green Plaque on his Office's Wall

For Earth Day this year, TreeHugger held the first annual Best of Green awards, with 177 winners in 8 categories. One of them, in the Cars & Transportation category, was the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, in the "Best City to be a Cyclist In" sub-category. Klaus Bondam, the Mayor of Technics and the Environment, has worked hard to make Copenhagen "Eco-Metropole of the world", and our hats are off to him, which is why we were honored to learn that TreeHugger would have a spot on his office wall at city hall.

copenhagen best of green photo

Update: Copenhagen also won a Best of Green award in the Travel & Nature category: Best Green City to Visit.

Here's a message from Klaus Bondam:

City of Cyclists

Creating a city in which the traffic is environmentally sustainable and at the same time moves quickly and efficiently means giving a great deal of serious thought to the lay-out of the city's main thoroughfares - even though this may favour certain forms of transport at the expense of others. Consequently for decades we have invested extensively in improving cycling conditions in Copenhagen. Fortunately, Copenhageners love to cycle. Every morning 36% of all commuters cycle to their workplaces or educational institutions in Copenhagen. Our target objective is to increase that figure to 50% by 2015.

Actually, for the majority of Copenhagen residents cycling is just as natural as brushing your teeth. You get up in the morning, take a shower, have breakfast and bike to work - for the simple reason that cycling is the most efficient mode of transport. So we are deeply honoured that TreeHugger chose Copenhagen as the best city to be a cyclist in. We will remember this proudly as we continue our efforts to create a unique metropolis in which city traffic is environmentally sustainable.

On behalf of the City of Copenhagen, I thank you.

Klaus Bondam
Mayor, Technical and Environmental Administration
City of Copenhagen

If you want to learn more about Klaus Bondam, check out his wikipedia page.

Here's a video about cycling in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen - City of Cyclists from Colville Andersen on Vimeo
Thanks to Søren Bom!

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