TreeHugger Bikes Climate Ride: My Bamboo Bike From Organic Bikes

organic bike caleb photoMairi Beautyman/CC BY 2.0

Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

So let the games begin. In about 15 minutes, I'll be taking off for the first day of Brita Climate Ride -- the climate awareness bike trip that has arranged to have me pedaling 320 miles in 5-days (on a bamboo bike, no less!) from Eureka, California to San Francisco. Or I think I will -- the last I heard from our volunteer bike repairman was something about a hacksaw...


Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

Once my seat is adjusted, I'll be riding the brand new Caleb bike from Organic Bikes -- you're looking at exclusive photos. It's a beautiful machine, made in Vietnam, and literally just released. I believe I am one of the very first people to ride it, and certainly the first to ride it on a long trip like this.

Find more info on the Caleb at Organic Bikes.

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