Treadmill Bike Gets You Running On Two Wheels (Video)

We love random human-powered vehicles. The weirder the better, at least most of the time, because it stirs up creativity and hopefully gets people out and about without the use of fossil fuels or coal powered electricity. Plus exercise is always a good thing. That's why the Treadmill Bike is intriguing. We saw one as a concept awhile back - the Rollator - and that idea is getting some competition.

Red Ferret points us to Bicycle Forest, which shows off the Treadmill Bicycle. If going on a walk isn't tough enough for you, the Treadmill Bike brings the gym outside, so you can get a more rigorous workout on flat surfaces.

And apparently it's good for people who don't actually like being outdoors. "The Treadmill Bike's hard wearing belt offers a sure grip while protecting your feet from dirt and other contaminants commonly found on the earth's surface."

Who wants icky dust touching their pristine running shoes?

Snark aside, it is a funny alternative to a bicycle. But it's not exactly cheap - priced at $2,500 Canadian. You could DIY one for cheaper, but it'd be quite a weekend project.

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