Transportation Secretary Wants To Rob Peter to Pay Paul

mary peters on bike photo
Gasoline tax revenues are dropping quickly as gas sales continue to plummet because of prices and the recession. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters says that the federal government may not be able to meet its commitments to states for road projects already under way.

Her solution? From the New York Times:

"The secretary, Mary E. Peters, said the short-term solution would be for the Highway Trust Fund's highway account to borrow money from the fund's mass transit account, a step that would balance the accounts as highway travel declines and use of mass transit increases. Both trends are being driven by the high price of gasoline and diesel fuel."

So if you don't have the money to fix the roads, you will take it from mass transit, which is the real solution to the problem. Only in America. ::New York Times via ::Grist image: Salon

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