Transport Ships Turned Into Floating Parking Garages


Selling cars, fueling cars, building garages for cars are a major part of the economy. And the factories kept turning them out long after the market for them crashed. Now it appears that not only are all the parking lots on the ground full up, but they are using the ships that used to transport them as floating parking garages. The Financial Times describes the crisis:

Some ports have run out of storage space as recently imported cars or vehicles awaiting export sit unsold following the sudden fall in demand.

Specialist car terminals' vast parking spaces are often the only point in supply chains with sufficient storage space for large numbers of cars.

One specialist car-carrier shipbroker said the number of under-employed car carriers was helping manufacturers to find vessels for storage.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen, the Scandinavian joint venture that operates the world's largest car-carrier fleet, confirmed that one of its vessels, the Morning Glory, had been chartered to store up to 2,500 Toyota cars in the port of Malmö, southern Sweden.

It would not be surprising to find that when this recession is over, there will be more people driving and fewer on transit or rail; owning a new car is going to be really cheap for a while as the car companies are forced to almost give these things away, with a full tank of gas included.

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