Traffilog Helps Taxi and Truck Fleets Save 16 Percent of Fuel

truck and taxi fleets save gas traffilog

The rising gas costs are hurting everyone these days. Public transportation prices are rising because of it; taxi drivers are crying over the climbing fuel prices; and the cost of goods rises everywhere, as shipping and trucking costs are factored into the price of everything we purchase. Truckers are protesting around the world.

A new software called Traffilog could help truck and taxi fleet owners better manage their assets and what drivers are doing when on the road. The company says it can save up to 16% of fuel costs. Traffilog has developed a product for the field of "mobile asset management," designed to keep fleet drivers out of accidents but to also make sure they do everything within their power to use fuel efficiently, reports David in the Jerusalem Post. TreeHugger has reported extensively on the optimal speeds for drivers to use fuel most efficiently; and tips for saving gas.

The company saves gas and cutting down on fleet maintenance costs through a monitoring system that interfaces with the vehicle's systems, and which reports back to an administrative server. From there, the information makes its way through filters and databases, analyzed for the relevant details needed by clients - who then get informed by e-mail, a Web interface or SMS.

"Traffilog provides a complete solution for mobile asset management, allowing fleet managers to keep tabs on the vehicles they are responsible for, anytime and anywhere," says a company rep.

The system employs three strategies: keeping track of a driver's location via GPS; constantly checking and updating a driver's "style" to make sure he or she is driving safely and avoiding accidents (called "risk profiling"); and checking a vehicle's speed, handling and interaction with the road, using a remote diagnostic system that lets managers know whether the driver is using the vehicle properly - or is likely to waste gas, costing the company precious fuel budget funds.

All the information is communicated to the central server via a built-in communications system utilizing local cellphone service. And, it's all done automatically.

Once logged into the system, Traffilog can alert a fleet manager if a driver is driving too quickly and not using fuel efficiently.

"The system will report on the driver's style and habits," says the company in the JPost "and if he or she overshoots a threshold for speed or safety - like turning corners too quickly - the driver's manager gets alerted, giving him or her the opportunity to take the necessary corrective action."

According to the company it can help asset owners save from 12 to 16 percent in fuel costs, and protect trucks from fuel thieves. One company that signed up for the service in the US said they were able to track down theft of fuel from the "tanks of a truck using Traffilog, knowing exactly where the vehicle was parked when the fuel was stolen."

The company is currently working on a system for consumers as well and will target parents with young drivers in the house.

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