Meet the 2013 Prius C Hybrid (50+ MPG in City Driving)

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The smallest member of the Prius family, the Prius C, only launches officially in the U.S. at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2012, but Toyota has released some photos and a video, as well as a few specs. It looks a bit different from the concept version of the Prius C that I saw in Detroit last January, but they kept the overall idea behind the concept.

Toyota Prius CToyota/Promo image

The final result ends up looking a bit like a cross between a Toyota Matrix, a Prius, and a Honda Fit.

Toyota Prius CToyota/Promo image

Unfortunately, Toyota is keeping under wraps the answers to the most interesting questions about the C: What's the fuel economy? What's the Prius? Any plans for a plug-in version?

All we know is that the C is supposed to be getting "class leading" fuel economy in the city, above 50 MPG, which would be the highest of any non-plug-in vehicle.

Toyota Prius CToyota/Promo image

In Japan the Prius C will be known as the Aqua.

Prius specs tableToyota/Screen capture

As you can see above, the Prius C will be smaller than the rest of the Prius family in all dimensions, including in the size of the engine (1.5-liter vs 1.8-liter).

Toyota Prius CToyota/Promo image

Via Toyota

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