Toyota to Sell a Diesel-Electric Hybrid... Forklift

toyota diesel hybrid forklift

Photo: Toyota
Cue Questions About Diesel-Hybrid Cars and Trucks...
I know some of you were disappointed when you reached the last work of this headline. Diesel-hybrids have been on lots of people's wishlist for a long time. Last year, there was a lot of excitement when VW announced the production of a diesel-electric Golf hybrid, but unfortunately it was cancelled because deemed too expensive for production. But apparently forklifts are different. Read on for more details.Green Car Congress writes:

The new Geneo-Hybrid forklift has maximum load capacity of 3,500 kg, and combines a 2.5-liter diesel with a NIMH battery pack and motor. The system operates as a series hybrid system when the forklift is driving, with the engine powering a generator. It operates as a parallel hybrid system—in which the battery-powered motor and the engine both power a hydraulic pump system—when lifting.

According to Toyota, this diesel-hybrid forklift will have a 50% better fuel economy and 50% better emissions than a comparable 3.5t diesel forklift, which is pretty decent, if a bit underwhelming.

Electric forklifts probably are greener when they can be used, but when a longer range and operating time is required, a diesel-hybrid probably is the best choice. Depending on the emission control hardware, it might even run on B100 biodiesel.

Via Toyota (Japanese), Green Car Congress
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