Toyota to Double Hybrid Production, Add New Models

Toyota plans to double its hybrid vehicle production to meet increasing demand around the world (especially in North-America). Production would jump to half a million in 2006 from 250,000 in 2005. Rising oil prices and the improved performance of hybrid cars are said to be contributing factors. All the good publicity they have been getting lately and the fact that people are starting to get used to the idea – it's not so new and "out there" anymore – certainly have something to do with it too.The increase in production will focus on the Prius, Toyota's main hybrid passenger car, as well as on sport utility vehicles (SUVs) Harrier [RX400h in N-A] and Kluger [Highlander]. By the end of 2006, Toyota plans to add hybrid versions of its luxury sedans sold under the Lexus brand.

We can also expect many new Toyota hybrid models, including the Camry hybrid that we've already written about. It seems very probable that all vehicles made by Toyota will eventually be offered with a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain.

In 2006, the company intends to start production of several thousand Prius cars a year at its factory jointly established with China FAW Group Corp. in Changchun, China. Toyota will also build 50,000 hybrid versions of the Camry annually at its factory in Kentucky starting in 2006.
::Toyota to double hybrid car output, via ::Green Car Congress

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