Toyota to Build Yaris Hybrid in France in 2012

toyota yaris hybrid photo

Photo: Toyota France
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Almost Certain Now
For the past couple of years, rumors about a hybrid Toyota Yaris have been going back and forth. But things are finally getting a bit more concrete and official: Toyota is saying that they are going to make a "small hybrid car" at its Valenciennes factory in France, which is where the Yaris is built. Production is beginning in 2012.
toyota yaris hybrid photo

Photo: Toyota France

This makes sense considering that Honda is expected to launch a Fit hybrid very soon, and Toyota has stated many times that it intends to have a hybrid version of every car in its lineup by 2020. Making a hybrid sub-compact in Europe also makes sense since fuel costs are higher there, and if the Yaris hybrid is priced low enough, it should be able to compete with similarly sized diesel vehicles (the Yaris hybrid would probably have better fuel economy in city driving).

It's unlikely that the Yaris will be able to accommodate the 1.8-litre petrol engine from the Prius and Auris powertrains. But Toyota does have 1.33 and 1.0-litre motors at its disposal.

I doubt that Toyota would simultaneously launch the Yaris hybrid in North-America, but that will probably depend on oil prices over the next few years. Americans could discover that they don't mind smaller cars if gasoline hits $4-5 per gallon...

Via Autocar, ABG
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