Toyota to Boost Prius Hybrid Production by 70% Next Year

Gray Toyota Prius Hybrid Car photo

Toyota Increasing Prius Hybrid Production
After the launch of the 3rd generation Prius hybrid next year (actually, the 4th generation if you count the NHW10 model which was sold only in Japan between 1997 and 2000), Toyota plans to boost its production to 480,000 units per year, or 70% more than now. So while it took Toyota over 10 years to sell 1 million Prius hybrids, it will almost certainly sell its second million in only a couple of years.
Pale Green Toyota Prius Hybrid Car photo

Where is the Prius Made?
At present time, most Prius hybrids are made at Toyota's Tsutsumi plant in central Japan. Toyota will move production of its Wish minivan to another plant to free up some capacity at Tsutsumi.

As we've written about previously, Toyota can't keep up with demand for the Prius, so the boost in production should help reduce waiting lists and maybe even help prices go down.

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