Toyota Taints its Brand with Tundra Pickup


We don't just love the Prius. We were fans of the Echo and love the Yaris; Toyota was not a one-trick pony but a Brand that said Environmental Responsibility.. Yet according to the NY Times, they are now loudly touting the new Tundra pickup with one hundred million dollars worth of ads where they are "projecting an image of itself that Americans have not seen before from Toyota — one built on horsepower and "my brakes are bigger than yours" machismo. Nowhere in Toyota's newest round of ads is there a mention of fuel economy, hybrid technology or anything else that has helped put it on pace to become the world's largest carmaker this year." Furthermore their dealers are spending three billion dollars to expand and renovate their showrooms and service bays." (Given that Toyota's lineup consists mainly of small cars, many dealerships' service departments were not large enough to accommodate the new Tundra.) ". While we acknowledge that people with farms and businesses might need a big pickup, would it not have been wonderful if Toyota made a green one instead of this big honking anachronism? ::New York Times