Toyota RAV4 EV For Sale on eBay


Want an electric car, but can't afford the pricey Tesla Roadster? Can't get your hands on the electric Mini Cooper? Having a hard time finding one of the other elusive electric cars available today? eBay has a deal for you: a 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV. It's got 45,500 miles, tops out at about 78-81 mph (depending on the weather) and can fit easily into a daily commuting lifestyle of 70 miles or so. According to the ad, "The RAV4 EV is a practical and functional SUV and the unique battery placement does not compromise the storage space. Unlike some electric vehicles, this car has room for 5 passengers, plus cargo space in the rear. The dashboard is just like a "regular car" and the amenities are similar. This car offers heat & air conditioning, power windows & door locks, Anti-Lock Brakes, Dual Front Air Bags, AM/FM/CD Player and much more!" The car has 15,500 miles left on the battery warranty, and can be yours today -- better hurry, the auction ends at 11pm today, September 1. Instant gratification will cost you, though: it's got a "buy it now" price of $62,000; maybe you can bid low and get lucky. ::eBay RAV4 EV via ::AutoblogGreen