Toyota Prius Sales Up Over 100% Year-on-Year in April

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Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Second Best Month Ever for Prius

While March 2012 was the best month ever for sales of the Toyota Prius hybrid brand, last month came close with 25,168 units sold. That's an increase of 126.9% one a year-on-year basis, and the best month of April yet for the Prius.

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Plug-In Prius Also Doing Well

PluginCars reports:

Without much fanfare, Toyota started selling the plug-in version of the Prius a couple of months ago. [...]

As we reported yesterday, Nissan LEAF sales came in at only 370 units in April. Meanwhile, the Chevy Volt fared better with sales clocking in at 1,462 units in April.

But the the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid passed them both, logging 1,654 sales in April.

This puts Toyota on track to reach its target for the year of 16-17k plug-in Prius (Prii?).

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