Toyota Prius GT?!


It has been called "the answer to the question nobody asked": Introducing the 2005 Toyota Prius GT concept car, first seen at the 2004 Paris Auto Show. Not quite a speed demon, but certainly a more responsible way to move posthaste than most of the other cars with that much stickers. "The concept is to demonstrate the flexibility of the Prius platform." It features a 147 horsepower gas-electric drivetrain with plenty of torque coming from the electric motors, a stripped interior and roll cage making it 180 kg (400 lbs) lighter and a zero-to-a-hundred kilometers per hour (0-62 miles/hour) time of 8.7 seconds. Best of all, "fuel economy remains essentially unchanged... with normal driving!" Continue for pretty pictures!




::2005 Toyota Prius GT, ::Reviewing the Prius UK-Style (on the right)