Toyota offering big discount on electric RAV4 in California until September 3rd

Toyota RAV4 EV
© Toyota

Time-limited offer

The Toyota RAV4 EV, which unfortunately is only available in small numbers in California, has just become more affordable, at least temporarily (why not permanently cut the price to make it more competitive with other plug-ins? Come on, Toyota!).

Following the lead of the LEAF, Focus EV, Fit EV, and Volt, the RAV4 EV won't make as big a dent in your finances. The price tag for a 3-year lease of the RAV4 EV, which has a Tesla-made electric powertrain, is going down from $599/month to $299/month. But if you want one, act quickly. The offer's only good through September 3rd. There's also a 60-month, no-interest loan, but at $49,800, the RAV4 EV isn't exactly cheap so the lease sounds like the best option...

Toyota RAV4 EV© Toyota

Hopefully Toyota is just testing the waters and intends to make a permanent cut in the price tag of the RAV4. It would also be great if they made more of them and sold them outside of California... Otherwise, they'll keep falling behind their competition. The Prius Plug-In is good, but with its small electric range, it's doesn't fulfill the role of a true electric vehicle.

Interesting trivia: "The battery-powered RAV4 arose in 2010 as a result of Toyota President Akio Toyoda’s desire to work with Palo Alto, Calif.-based Tesla. Along with the vehicle project, Toyota made a $50 million investment in Tesla. Tesla shares have surged about fivefold this year, boosting the value of Toyota’s 2.4 percent stake in the company to about $476 million."

That's one way to make money with electric cars...

Toyota RAV4 EV© Toyota

Via Detroit News, ABG

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