Toyota Introduces the Yaris HSD Hybrid Concept

toyota yaris hsd hybrid concept photo

Photo: Toyota
A Smaller, More Affordable Hybrid Car
Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) technology, which at first was only available in the Prius hybrid, keeps making its way into more and more models. In Detroit the Prius family grew to include the Prius V and Prius C concept (aka Mama Prius and Baby Prius), and now in Geneva the company is introducing a new cousin, the Yaris HSD concept. Read on for more details.
toyota yaris hsd hybrid concept photo

Photo: Toyota
Most Popular Segment in Europe
Most cars in Europe are part of the B-segment (aka subcompact in the U.S.), and so it makes sense for Toyota to repackage its hybrid drivetrain into a B-segment vehicle like the Yaris. The concept that you can see in the pics shows what the next generation Yaris, to be introduced in Europe in the second half of 2012, will probably look like.

Making the HSD drivetrain fit into the Yaris was Toyota's biggest challenge: "Introducing full hybrid technology into the B-segment has presented Toyota with several unique engineering challenges. The new powertrain must be optimised for installation within the vehicle's compact, extremely efficient packaging design, without detriment to either system quality and performance, or passenger accommodation and loadspace."

Like the 2010 Prius, this Yaris has solar panels on the roof to power the air-conditioner when the car is parked to increase fuel economy because you don't have to run the A/C quite as hard when you drive off. But this feature might not make it to the production model.

toyota yaris hsd hybrid concept photo

Photo: Toyota
No Word on MPG Yet, Let's Hope Around 60+
Unfortunately, Toyota hasn't released the really interesting numbers about the Yaris HSD: MPG, price, size of the engine/motor, etc. We'll have to wait for those.

Hopefully the small and light hybrid can beat the Prius at least in city MPG...

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Via Toyota

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