Toyota Bumps Up Prius C and Camry Hybrid Prices

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About a month and a half ago we reported that Toyota had increased prices on the Prius and Prius V hybrids, but at the time there was no word on the smaller Prius C, or the Camry hybrid for that matter. Well, the silence didn't mean that there was no price increase, just that the announcement was delayed... until now.

Toyota is bumping up the price of the 2013 Prius C hybrid by 0.6%, or 130 bucks. This brings the MSRP to $19,080 for the Prius C One (the base model, which Toyota first marketed as "below $19,000"), and to $23,360 for the Prius c Four, the mack daddy model (so to speak).

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2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid Pricing

The Camry Hybrid also gets a bump of 0.6%, or in this case 165 bucks. This means the MSRP for the Camry Hybrid will range from $26,140 for the LE grade to $27,670 for the XLE.

Both of these changes are smaller than the $200 increase that the regular Prius received, but bigger than the $100 increase for the bigger Prius V.

Only the Prius Plug-In pricing remained unchanged at a MSRP starting at $32,000.

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