Toyota Drops Hints On Next Prius, Hybrid X


Toyota will unveil a concept car at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show next month that many believe is a precursor to the 2008 model Prius. Toyota released the picture above, as a sneak preview of the design of the new car. According to the automaker's press release, the Hybrid X is a concept car that proposes a new design language for hybrid models while also acting as a technology showcase for future hybrid cars. Toyota will also be presenting the FT- HS (Future Toyota Hybrid Sports), which is a "sports car of the 21st century" - a front-engine, rear-drive car with a projected 0-100 km/h acceleration in the four-second range.

From the press release:

Toyota is using the show to restate its commitment to finding and implementing solutions that make cars less of an environmental burden. Toyota’s world-leading Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology is at the core of this strategy as it moves along the path towards the ultimate eco-car.

Via AutoGreenBlog and Groovy Green