Toyota Could Produce Yaris EVs In China As Soon As 2012

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Photo: Wikipedia, public domain
For the Chinese Market First
The Japanese Nikkei is reporting that Toyota has plans to mass-produce an electric car for the Chinese market starting in 2012. The EV would be based on the Toyota Vios, which is known in North-America as the Yaris sedan, and production will be a joint venture with the China FAW Group.
toyota vios photo

Photo: Wikipedia, public domain
Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. has developed an electric vehicle prototype based on Toyota's Vios subcompact. The firm has been working toward realizing the processes needed for volume production. "Mass production could begin as soon as 2012, with sales to go nationwide," a media relations representative said Tuesday.

The car will not be sold as a Toyota, but under a local brand of the Chinese joint venture. It will be priced lower than foreign brands, with an eye toward grabbing a leading share of the market.

It will be interesting to see if Toyota will try to enter the North-American and European markets with similarly small and low-priced EVs, or if they will follow GM, Nissan and Ford and begin with a slightly bigger and higher priced model (something closer to a Corolla or Prius EV).

Via Nikkei, GCC
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