Toyota Claims Over 20,000 Pre-Orders for 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid

toyota 2010 new prius hybrid photo

Photo: Toyota
A Number that Should Reach 40,000 by the Time the Prius is in Dealerships
Well, the celebration at Honda didn't last long. They were quite happy in February to announce that the new Honda Insight hybrid had outsold the Toyota Prius, but as we predicted, it seems like Prius buyers were just waiting for the new model to come out. In 2008, Toyota sold 73,100 previous-generation Prius hybrids, so the claim of reaching 40,000 pre-orders before the car is even available is pretty impressive (especially in this economy).
toyota 2010 new prius hybrid photo

Click image above to see our 2010 Prius slideshow. Photo: Toyota

One caveat: Toyota refused to confirm this information. They've always been a cautious bunch...

Is a Hybrid Pricing War Coming?
In Japan, the new Prius is expected to be less expensive than the previous model (2.05 million yen, or about $20,750), no doubt to better compete against the Honda Insight. We'll have to wait for pricing information in the rest of the world, but I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to reduce the price; a lot of the changes that were made to the hybrid synergy drive (HSD, what Toyota calls its hybrid drivetrain technology) had for goal to make it smaller, lighter, and less expensive.

Toyota's global sales target for the new Prius is 400,000 units for 2009.

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