Toyota Can't Make Enough Prius Hybrids to Meet Demand

Toyota Prius

Here's more evidence that there's a strong demand for greener and more efficient products: Bob Carter, the general manager of Toyota Division, has said in an interview with Advertising Age that "Our volume on Prius was up 67% last year. That was a supply-restricted 67% increase. That's 181,000 cars. We can't repeat that, no way, even though the demand may be there. We just can't keep up. So you will see much more moderate growth because of the supply."

The Prius is currently ranked #8 among car models in the U.S., and Toyota expects to sell about as many in 2008 as in 2007 because of the supply problems.Mr. Carter added:

The company has nearly 80% of the hybrid market. There are a lot of viable competitors out there. I don't necessarily view it as what's been our competition in the past, but what's going to be our competition in the future. GM is introducing theirs, and you're going to see more activity out of the Asian manufacturers. What everybody continues to work on is not only hybrid, but what other technologies can deliver the environmental, miles-per-gallon benefits. We are very committed to hybrids but it's not our position that hybrid is the solution to the future. We're looking at high-efficiency gasoline, clean diesel, fuel cells and the plug-in hybrid.

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