Toyota Camry Hybrid is a Big Hit


Two months after hitting the showroom floor, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is practically driving itself off the lot. According to a Toyota press release, the Camry Hybrid sold 4,268 units in June; Fast Company Now (Fast Company's blog) did the math, and judged that this is the first time in 2006 that a hybrid other than a Prius sold more than 3500 units. The addition of the Camry Hybrid gives Toyota ownership of the top three selling hybrids last month; Prius sold 9,696 units, and the Highlander hybrid sold 2,705 units. The big three give Toyota nearly 80% of the hybrid market share. The big hybrid sales are part of Toyota's best-ever first-half sales in 49 years of business in the U.S. We know that not everybody is enamored with the Camry Hybrid, but the numbers don't lie. Could Camry give Prius a run for it's money? ::Fast Company Now, ::The Auto Channel via ::Hugg