Tour De Sol Renewable Energy Auto Show

Have you ever walked through your state fair, past rows and rows of beautiful classic cars, and been just a little jealous that your Prius or electric scooter would look hopelessly out of place there? Well don't mope around another second. This weekend May 13–16 in Saratoga and Albany New York, the Tour De Sol sustainable auto show will bring you the biggest and baddest of renewable powered cars from around the US, and the world...Tour De Sol is, first and foremost, the premier US meeting of sustainable motor sports enthusiasts. And with separate races for stock hybrid or biodiesel cars (montecarlo style), electric bikes, and custom Zero-emission vehicles, there's a place for everyone to exercise their lead feet.

Or, if you're more of a browser than a driver, there are all kinds of great electric, solar, hybrid, and biodiesel vehicles and suppliers on display. Check out last years entrants for a taste of what's to come.
:: Tour De Sol [by DM]