Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motor

They pay so much more attention to design in Europe, particularly when it comes to everyday things. For example, The Torqeedo electric outboard motor from Germany looks like fine industrial design. It has an integrated lithium-manganese battery that just snaps off the top, so that you can recharge it inside at a convenient outlet.

According to importer Green Boat Supply, it can drive a 15' tinny at four knots for 15 nautical miles. "This is not water-skiing speed, obviously. But you’ll cruise along at a respectable clip and enjoy your surroundings so much more. Many people aren’t looking for a faster, noisier boat ride." They also note that it is a much more efficient motor than that found in most electric trollers: "Torqeedo motors offer twice the efficiency of other motors. These motors aren’t just for trolling around a fishing spot—they’re for getting you to the fishing spot, trolling, and getting you home again."


::Torqeedo, imported by ::Green Boat Supply, found at ::Cottage Life

Tim Gaughan of Green Boat Supply with the Torqeedo

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