Top Ten Twitterers to Follow for Cars and Transportation

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Find out some of the best Twitterers to follow in the realm of transportation, who will keep you updated on the greenest ways of getting from here to there.@GreenCarCongres
Mike Millikin of Green Car Congress twitters out the latest blog posts from the site, so following their tweets acts as a great RSS feed of the latest in green cars.

Jim Motavalli is the transportation writer over at Mother Nature Network and keeps you in the know about anything transportation related via his twitter stream.

Autoblog Green is a great news source for transportation, and their tweets - which are relatively few and far between - are educational and entertaining.

Gas 2.0 focuses on biofuels in addition to everything transit related. They tweet several times a day with great news blips.

Tom Stacey offers inspiration on converting gas guzzlers to hybrids.

Everything you wanted to know about electric bikes can be found out by following ElectricBike. The tweets are like an RSS for their blog, which provides great updates on what's shaking around the world with electric bikes.

WIRED, but just the parts about transportation. That about sums it up.

In addition to techy tweets, Hank Green of EcoGeek is savvy on the latest in green transportation. Keep up on everything from battery technology to airline emissions.

DCMetro Updates
If you're in the DC area, you can keep tabs on the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue lines via Twitter. We know this is very location specific, but we had to mention it because it's such a great idea, and we're hoping it catches on with other urban public transportation lines across the country.

And of course a must follow is TreeHugger's very own Michael Graham Richard , Cars and Transportation section editor. He ensures you know all the latest on anything that has to do with getting you from one place to another, from bikes to planes to trains to boats, and definitely cars.

If you, someone you know, or someone you follow focuses on green cars and transportation and you think they should be listed, add 'em in the comments!

Be sure to follow @TreeHugger, @TH_RSS and me, @JaymiHeimbuch for more green goodies.

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