Top States For Transportation Fuel Consumption - Romney Missed A Campaign Opportunity

Based on USEIA reported data from 2010, the latest available, twenty (20) US states (listed below) accounted for seventy four percent (74%) of all transportation fuel consumed in the USA in 2010.

Based on the same USEIA data, nine (9) states - CA, TX, FL, NY, GA ,IL, OH, PA & NJ - accounted for nearly half (49%) of all transportation fuels consumed in the USA during 2010.

A platform simple enough for the Tea Party
Folks who want government to 'stay out of our Medicare' will probably go for this.

Romney should say that when he's President in 2013 he'll give targeted incentives for people in those nine states - the 49%'ers if you will - to buy Chevy Volts. That policy would, over the long term, lower the price of fuel for the citizens of most congressional districts across the nation. And, it would support and even add jobs in Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio, which are a big part of the automobile-making supply chain and are politically important for Romney.

See note* below for explanation.

Total US State Petroleum Consumption Estimates for 2010, in Thousands of Barrels. Includes fuel ethanol addition.

CA 562679

TX 498447

FL 283048

NY 184881

GA 178712

IL 178628

OH 174413

PA 173357

NJ 172589

VA 136294

MI 134118

NC 133787

LA 115945

IN 111909

TN 111044

WA 110283

MO 105102

MN 86649

AL 85957

AZ 85556

SC 84923

KY 84762

MA 84328

WI 81928

MD 81113

CO 76774

OK 71505

MS 62452

OR 57515

IA 55705

AR 52437

KS 44771

CT 44243

UT 40946

NV 38324

AK 36904

NM 34881

NE 32117

HI 24144

ID 23762

ME 22960

NH 20051

MT 19147

SD 16383

ND 16100

DE 12505

RI 11678

VT 9804

DC 2796

* notes: the data shown in this post are real, the chart and percentages prepared from the EIA data are correct, but the subjective political analysis is a joke, intended to make fun of the TV and talk radio pundits and especially of Presidential candidates spinning the issue for political advantage.

USEIA acknowledges rounding errors which you should consider if checking the math. I further rounded everything down to the ten's place for the percentage calculations.

Last minute thought for high information voters.
I wonder if anyone has lined up these same data, on a per capita basis, with state level health care costs and emission related issues like lung disease, asthma, and work absenteeism?

Coal consumption patterns are quite different for sure. California for example hardly has any coal burning electricity. So we'd have to stay focused on transportation related emissions and not get tripped up over what happens when charging those Genetically Modified Volts!

Top States For Transportation Fuel Consumption - Romney Missed A Campaign Opportunity
Gasoline politics: nine US states consume half of the liquid transportation fuel sold.