Top Gear Pretends to Run Out of Juice in Nissan LEAF. Guardian Says "Who Cares?"

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When the BBC's Top Gear pretended to run out of juice in the Tesla Roadster, many electric car advocates were outraged. Now the program has done it again, road-testing a Nissan LEAF, and contriving to run out of juice and wait for 13 hours for a full recharge. (See Fully Charged's Nissan LEAF road test for a friendlier review.) In an editorial at The Guardian in praise of the Nissan Leaf, however, the paper argues that EV fans should ignore the petty bickering and focus on the positives that came out of the show:

What matters more is the fact that sensible and usable electric vehicles are now close to a reality. The Leaf is still very expensive, and its battery needs improvement, but it is the first fully electric car to go on sale in Britain that even Mr Clarkson admits is well-made, well-designed, fast and comfortable. The future is almost here. All you need is somewhere to plug it in.

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