Top 10 Answers to the Statement: You Might be a Hypermiler If...

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Jeff Foxworthy may have top billing when it comes to the You Might be a Redneck jokes, but today we try our hand at our own brand of You Might be a Hypermiler humor. Be gentle, we're not comedians, just die hard hypermilers with obviously way too much time on our hands...10.

You actually know what the term, hypermiler, means.

The only time you will speed up on the freeway is to catch up to a diesel truck so you can draft behind them.

Every year, you find your car grows just a little bit longer (and a whole lot weirder) with aerodynamic extended body panels.

You rev your engine next to a muscle car at the light to watch them dump a gallon worth of gas, travel one block, beat you by 30 car lengths, and have you casually pull up next to them at the next light having only used a thimbles worth of gas.

You actually know what it feels like to ride a bicycle in -5 degree F weather, wearing overalls, threes coats, and two pairs of jeans tucked into a heavy pair of galoshes.

When you are pulled over by a police officer and respond to their question of how fast you were driving by saying, So far about 84 miles per gallon, but I'm hoping to hit 90.

The sight of an empty cargo rack on a vehicle makes you cringe.

You remove the knobs on your A/C just to relieve yourself of all temptation.

Someone drives past your car knocking off your driver side mirror, and you chase them down to thank them for improving your aerodynamics.

And the number one reason you might be a hypermiler...
When you've been passed by a Ford Pinto, a VW bus, and an old man in a wheelchair... all in the same day!

Badum Dumb...
Come on, join in if you've got any of your own you'd like to add to the list.

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