Tiny Concept Commuter Bike Folds Up To Just 8 Inches

tiny folding bike image

Images via Yanko Design

This tiny folding bike might be the smallest, most easily portable pedal-powered transportation we've seen...but is it practical?The concept design featured on Yanko Design is by Weiche Wu & Minhan Lin, and it has some definite pros. First, it folds up to be tall rather than wide (it's only 8 inches wide when folded according to Yanko Design), which makes getting it onto a bus or train a lot easier. It also uses its back wheel while folded, so you can push or pull it, rather than lift it. The seat is still adjustable to any height you might need, and the same with the handle bars.

tiny folding bike image

The major problem I see with the design is that back wheel -- it's not exactly very big, and not much of it extends out from the metal. That means two things -- one, you can't be very heavy, and two, going over bumps could potentially mess up your bike pretty bad. I'd also like to see the guts of this bike to see how it is set up -- is it a fixed gear?

tiny folding bike image

Other than the issue of the problematic back wheel, the design looks really slick and I like where the designers headed with making this a really compact, easy to tote bike. I think it might only find an audience among smaller people or kids, but I think it could definitely find a market should it ever make it past prototype.

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