This Tiny Car from 1953 Got 50+ mpg (And Cary Grant Loved It)

bmw isetta smart car photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Lloyd has raved about the BMW Isetta before, suggesting that small cars like this could provide a model for the future of mobility. Now the folks at Fair Companies, whose videos I really can't get enough of (see also their video on a beautiful home built from salvaged car parts), have gone along for a ride with a vintage BMW Isetta.

bmw isetta driving position photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Originally built in 1953, the Isetta got over 50 mpg (the video below says 55 to 60) and even won the endorsement of major movie stars. This from Fair Companies' blurb for the video:
Tiny cars seem without testosterone these days. Small (i.e. Smart, Mini) is cute and fun, but not usually sexy. That wasn't always the case. Back in 1958 Cary Grant posed on the cover of a brochure for the BMW Isetta with the statement "the most exciting car on the American highway".

bmw isetta rear view photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

So who is going to step up and build the Isetta for the 21st Century? And, perhaps more importantly, who is going to figure out how to market it.

This Tiny Car from 1953 Got 50+ mpg (And Cary Grant Loved It)
We don't need fancy new technology to create greener cars. We just have to stop driving around in tanks. This sexy, tiny car from 1953 could show us the way forward.

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