Thrustpac - A Jetpack for Your Bicycle


Just in case you missed this one when it first started doing the rounds of the blogsphere. Take the world’s most efficient transport and give it a petroleum- based power boost. Err. Even if it gets, as claimed, 240km (150 miles) to the gallon, we remain wrinkle browed. Especially as the rider has to fork over somewhere around $1,200 to $2,900 USD, so they can strap a a possible 9 kg (20 lb) lump to their back. Apparently you adjust your speed (up 55 kph or 35 mph) by flexing the attached glove. If we set aside our sensible caveats (OH&S;, fiscal and environmental), it does look like a heap of fun. It did, at least, make us smile. ::Personal Propulsion, via Metro.

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