This Warms the Cockles of My Heart: True Bus Rapid Transit in Los Angeles


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Something Rare: Bus Rapid Transit Done Right in the US!
Our friends at StreetFilms had a closer look at the Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Los Angeles, and what they found makes me very happy. This BRT line, though short, is very well done (there's even a bike path next to it, and bike racks on the buses), and should be a model for other lines in LA and all around the country. Read on for more and for the great video.
StreetFilms writes:

On October 2005, the Los Angeles County Metro Authority (or Metro) debuted a new 14-mile BRT system in the San Fernando Valley using a former rail right-of-way. Unlike many "rapid" bus transit systems in the U.S., the Orange Line is true BRT - it features a dedicated roadway that cars may not enter, has a pre-board payment system so buses load quickly and efficiently, and uses handsome, articulated buses to transport passengers fast - sometimes at speeds approaching 55 mph! The roadway is landscaped so ornately you could almost call it a bus greenway.

Of course it could be longer, have more buses, go in more directions, etc. But it's a good start!

It isn't the first time that StreetFilms looks at BRT in Los Angeles. Last year, Sami even covered it on TreeHugger in this post: StreetFilms Looks at Bus Rapid Transit in LA.

Feedback from LA TreeHugger Readers?
Anyone reading this from LA? Have you tried the Orange Line BRT? What was your experience? I'm really curious to know. Please share in the comments below. Thanks!

Via StreetFilms (thanks Clarence!)

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