These are the 10 best places for electric cars in the U.S.

EV Friendly Cities 2014
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Is your city on the list?

Chargepoint, a large EV charging network, has compiled a top 10 list of the most EV-friendly places around the US. The ranking is based on the number of EVs on the road and the number of charging stations in each city, adjusted for population (for example, Los Angeles has more total EVs than San Francisco, at 57,000 to 48,000, but it also has a much bigger population, so the per capita numbers are lower). The first thing that is immediately apparent when you look at the map is that the West coast still dominates, though there are EV strongholds elsewhere around the country.

Atlanta, Georgia, is a particularly interesting one, and shows that sound policies can lead to real results (Georgia has a tax credit worth up to $5,000 for zero-emissions vehicles). Austin, Texas, fell a couple spots compared to previous years, but is still a good place for EVs. Detroit and Denver add some diversity to the list, showing that the Great Lakes and the Rockies are just as EV friendly as the sunny coast. But the most exotic location is no doubt Honolulu Hawaii, a place where EVs make all the sense in the world; oil is expensive, and islands are perfect even for the shorter range EVs, since you never drive very far.

Gone from the list are the former #9 and #10, Washington, DC and Boston, MA, replaced by Atlanta and Denver.

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