The Year in Treehugger: Drive-in Edition


Cars. Of the top ten posts of the year by pageviews, six are about cars. Perhaps we should rename the site Autohugger. Our most popular was Justin's post on a hybrid mini; next was Jacob's Loremo Diesel. A similar number showed up to learn how to Hack your Hybrid. Then there was Honda's electric scooter, followed by profoundly banal pictures of the 2007 Toyota Camry. There are lessons here: 1) People want to cut their fuel consumption/ carbon footprint and may be intrigued by the flashy Tesla, but are looking for affordable answers like the boring Camry; the real world counts. 2) Hey, BMW, the big unaffordable Hydrogen 7 doesn't draw flies, but an electric Mini is our most popular post of the year. Learn from this.