The Xootr Swift

Been a while since we had a cool bike post. This fits the bill perfectly. We are told the Swift has a standard geometry, so feels just like 'normal' bike, and is configured with industry standard componentry, that can be easily upgraded by aficionados. But that's where the normal stuff finishes. As you've no doubt observed, it has the smaller wheels (20" or 406mm) favoured by the BMX fraternity. Not only does the shorter spoke length make such wheels more robust, it also improves the ability to fold. Not the wheels (!) but the whole bike. Yep, the Swift is a 'folder', via the most elegant arrangement we have seen, to date. Pull the seat stem free of the down tube and the whole rear frame folds forward. 5 to 10 seconds later you can board a train or stow it in your office. Genius! Previously, the 'Swift Folder' as it was known, (designed by Peter Reich and Jan VanderTuin) was available from Design Mobility, but Xootr have more recently released it under their moniker. The TIG welded aluminium frame is combined with CroMoly forks and front stem to achieve a weight of just 9.9 kg (22 lbs). And remarkably affordable for all its cleverness - $680 USD. See also our TH Top Five on folding bikes, where a reader also notes the Swift. ::Xootr