The World's 7 Greatest Subways: A Slideshow

world's best greatest coolest subways

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New York announced this week it will again delay the 2nd Avenue Subway -- a chimerical line already half a century in the making. As New York's and many other subway systems undergo some of their biggest economic hardships in history and attempt to plan for the future, it's high time for a look down below at some of the world's best subway networks.

The World's 7 Best Subways
This is hardly a comprehensive list, and certainly the selection process was not a scientific one. If a few systems are conspicuously absent, it's not because we forgot about them, or because we were trying to rile up fans of the London "Tube" or the DC Metro. It may have been because there wasn't enough room, or because fare prices, aesthetics and reliability kept them from joining the upper ranks of under-foot transit.

The sampling of systems here simply represent some of the best ideas and designs to be found underground, the kind of lines that make subterranean travel not just useful and life saving, but pleasurable. Even, dare we say, a little romantic.

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The World's 7 Greatest Subways: A Slideshow
Also see: The World's Most Impressive Subway Maps

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