The World Solar Challenge 2005 Has a Winner

The Dutch have now won the World Solar Challenge 3 times in a row. They crossed the finish line today, having driven 3,021 km (1,877 miles) in a record time of 29 hours and 11 minutes, breaking their own record by 43 mins. While the cars were sometimes travelling at speeds over 110kph (68 mph) they were required by race rules to stop each day at 5pm. On the final day, the Dutch team, with their car called the Nuna 3, were amazed that they were able to keep driving even with cloud cover. The Nuna 3 team, with cumulative experience in the race, have been able to streamline their vehicle and significantly reduce its weight, while maximising power returns from optimal exposure of the car’s photovoltaic panels to the sun, at every opportunity. Via ABC News Online. More results and pics at ::World Solar Challenge