The Windcheetah : Not Your Little Brother's Tricycle


Since their invention in the 1800's bicycles have always been a fascination to people, and often, a serious means of transportation. Recent innovations like lightweight aluminum construction, and composite materials have brought the bicycle into its present spot as a viable form of commuting, especially in more urban areas where traffic is slower paced and commutes are shorter. But if you are after a bike with a lot more oomph than you remember from your childhood Schwinn, we've got just the ticket...The Windcheetah HPV (human powered vehicle) is a recumbent tricycle capable of nearly 70 MPH on level ground (even faster on hills), and ,depending on who you talk to, is the fastest bike made. Regular cyclers can expect up to 12% increase in speed and riding efficiency, especially if optional fairings (the little windshieldy bits) are used. While not really appropriate for city driving, since its low posture makes getting smushed a real possibility , this beast corners like anything, and would be a thrill to take on a countryside commute. To see what we mean, be sure to check out the riding videos here. This lethal trike can be yours starting at $3599.00 US, with the upper crust model + extras tops over $6000.00.
:: Windcheetah Recumbent Trike [by DM]